How To Upgrade Your Android Tablet

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Want to know how to get the latest Android upgrade on your tablet? Unfortunately not many manufacturers of early Android tablets are offering operating system upgrades as new versions of Android become available.

However, all is not lost, the open source community of tech enthusiasts are working on free options to give you the latest and greatest version of Android, increased functions, and performance enhancements.

I spotted a great overview at the site last week detailing how this works, the benefits, the risks, and a video to bring it to life.

The key to all of this is the CyanogenMod open source project. This project offers firmware - the combination of memory and programme code stored in the tablet that provides the control programme. You can install it on your tablet to access the performance enhancements and new functions.

Scanning through the list of the devices that the CyanogenMod is available for brings up the Advent Vega – an Android tablet that is priced below £200 now but still had a pretty decent spec. If you have one then it’s well worth checking out these articles to understand what your options are.

A further search brings up other tablets such as the HP TouchPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and others – all listed in the forum.

Check out the full article about the Cyanogen Mod project at

If you’re looking for other customisation options and upgrades on other tablets then also check out the MoDaCo forums and search on the name of your tablet to see what you can find.


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