Kindle Fire Tablet Set-Up Video

Kindle Fire Set-Up Video


Setting up your Kindle Fire for the first time is a pretty straight forward process. But, to help you I’ll walk you through how you can set up your Kindle Fire.

How to set-up a Kindle Fire for the first time

  1. When you turn on your Kindle Fire for the first time you’ll be prompted to connect to your WiFi network.
  2. Next you’ll be prompted to select your local time.
  3. Next you’ll be prompted to enter your Amazon account info – these are the details you use to login to your account – your US-based email and password.
  4. Next the Kindle Fire will automatically download the latest Kindle Fire software, it will tell you it’s doing that.
  5. Once complete it will reboot and initialize the update.
  6. Now you’re taken to the hibernation screen and a swipe from right-to-left takes you to a tutorial.

That’s it, you’re now ready to run through the demo and get using your Kindle Fire.

Amazon Kindle Fire Tutorial

When you first initialize your Kindle Fire it takes you through how to use it. Below I’ll talk you through that and have included a video of the process so you can refer back to it if you need it.

How to use a Kindle Fire

The official Kindle Fire tutorial immediately fires up when you have completed the set-up process.

This includes an introduction to the navigation bar, where you can find the Newsstand, Books, Music, Video, Docs, Apps and Web.

Next it explains how the Carousel works so you can reach your recently viewed items. Swipe left and right to move through the carousel and tap to select an item.

Also, here you can see how it’s possible to pin your favourite content to the home screen by pressing and holding an item.

The next part of the tutorial shows you how to get access to Quick Settings, where you can adjust volume or brightness, Wi-Fi settings and other bits-and-pieces. You’re also introduced to the Home button that you can tap from anywhere in the Kindle Fire and it will take you back to the Home Screen.

After this it takes you back to the Home Screen and you’re ready to start playing with your Kindle Fire

Check out the video below to see the Kindle Fire Tutorial.



If you live in the UK, the Kindle Fire isn’t available on If you live in the US then check out the Kindle Fire on

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