ViewSonic ViewPad 10 Review – Microsoft Windows Tablet PC With Android


ViewSonic ViewPad 10 Tablet PC Review

Tablet PC Comparison - Viewsonic ViewPad 10


ViewSonic ViewPad 10 Pros


  • Runs Windows and Android – the benefit is you have the quick Android boot up, fun range of Android apps and nippy browsing features of Android, but also the flexibility to run Windows and have a compatible system with your desktop PC for getting work done
  • Windows compatibility means it will run programmes such as MS Office – Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. The benefit is great flexibility to run any Windows app you can find on the Internet
  • 2 USB ports give even more flexibility to add a memory stick or peripherals such as a mouse or keyboard
  • 10-inch multitouch capacitive screen with 1024 by 600 pixels resolution – it’s impressive and responsive
  • Good viewing angles given this isn’t a premium tablet – it’s not comparable with the iPad’s display but there’s limited loss of contrast at extreme angles
  • Screen displays strong colours
  • Powerful processor ensures Windows 7 Home Premium runs smoothly – although it isn’t an operating system specifically designed around tablets so has limitations – for example, try navigating fiddly menus with a finger tip
  • Other features include a webcam for video chat, GPS capabilities for use with mapping software and mini-VGA output for watching what’s on the ViewPad’s screen on your TV

ViewSonic ViewPad 10 Cons

  • It’s thick and heavy, although it’s well built, it’s not the stylish tablet available by any means
  • The Atom processor runs Windows but it’s a lot of work for this tablet and this means a lot of fan noise
  • Screen isn’t the sharpest compared with other tablets
  • The user experience is hampered by an unintuitive selection of buttons that don’t act as you’d expect – the “Home” button is more like a back button for example
  • The version of Android it ships with is Android 1.6 – a very early version of Android so no Flash support and very much a mobile phone-like operating system – expect blocky graphics
  • Also means that the recently developed apps designed for Android 2 and later versions of Android won’t work. It may be possible to port a more updated Android OS either via a ViewSonic or an Open Source update
  • Android 1.6 also means there’s no direct access to the Android Marketplace range of apps so you’ll have to manually load any Android apps on
  • Bundled apps are disappointing and somewhat buggy – e.g. Audio lags behind video in the YouTube app
  • Weirdly has a SIM slot but this version is WiFi only
  • 4 hours battery life running Windows and 5 hours running Android is not terrible but not a patch on the iPad’s 10 hours
  • Limited storage memory for files unless you upgrade via the microSD slot – If you run Windows then this eats up most of the internal storage and you need a microSD card to supplement the memory

Viewsonic ViewPad 10 review

Tablet Reviews – ViewSonic ViewPad 10

The ViewSonic ViewPad 10 is a good first stab from ViewSonic and the flexibility of running Android or Windows means there are a lot of reasons to like this tablet. The Windows tablet option means this can act as an extension to your desktop, but don’t think this is a replacement for a laptop or netbook – the memory options are too limited.

If only the user interface and hardware worked well together, this could have been a real contender from the off. That said, the screen is good, it has a powerful processor, plus with an upgrade from ViewSonic to Android 2.2 and some additional memory, this could still be a tablet that delivers.

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Image Source: ViewSonic

ViewSonic ViewPad 7 Tablet Review

Tablet PC Comparison - Viewsonic ViewPad 7

ViewSonic also have the ViewPad 7 on the market. What’s good about it? The 7-inch format is much more portable than the 10-inch format and will fit in a jacket pocket. It runs Android 2.2 with access to the Android Market and the huge range of apps there. There’s front and rear facing cameras so video chat is an option. It also comes with a case that doubles as a stand.

The cons are that it has a fairly low powered processor which can’t cope with more graphically complex games and struggles with high definition video. Screen resolution is low so the images are grainy and fonts can be difficult to read.

That said, battery life is decent enough at 6 hours, it has a decent quality build and a value price point so still one to consider if you’re looking for a relatively inexpensive 7-inch slate. The Viewpad is the exact same design as the Commtiva N700 so check out the Commtiva N700 review if you want to know more.

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Image Source: ViewSonic


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