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Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet Review

 Samsung Galaxy Tab Review


Samsung Galaxy Tab Pros


  • Fantastic quality bright touchscreen – 7-inches (measured diagonally) – images are very punchy
  • 1024 by 600 pixel screen resolution – a high resolution for a 7-inch tablet that gives great detail
  • Processing power can happily deal with videos via YouTube and 3D games expertly
  • Smaller size of 7 inches means its lightweight and ultra portable – it could even fit in a jacket pocket
  • You can also hold in both hands and type – add that to the Samsung Swype approach and you can achieve some nippy typing speeds
  • Lightweight option due to size – smaller format works better as a music player than a 10-inch tablet as less bulky
  • Games also work well on this format.
  • 32GB version of the Galaxy Tab has now dropped to around £300-£400 for a no-contract Galaxy Tab
  • High quality in-canal earphones with microphone included to use when you make phone calls
  • 1.3-megapixel front facing camera for video calls
  • 3.2-megapixel rear facing camera with LED flash for taking photos – very good in natural light but don’t expect modern digital camera comparable stills
  • SIM card slot so you can use an existing SIM card from another device – you slide it in and reboot the Tab with all the settings configured
  • The microSDHC card allows you to add up to 32GB of memory storage so you can store more files such as additional music and video
  • Web browsing experience is good although not as nippy as the iPad
  • Adobe Flash support means you can get access to the full web, including Flash video and games, although it does struggle with some video which leads to stuttered playback
  • Excellent media playback and deals well with widescreen high definition video. It handles a good range of video formats too
  • Has direct access to the official Android Market unlike every other Android 2.2 device so you can easily download the full range of Android apps and games. These scale relatively well to the 7-inch screen given they’re all designed (at this stage) for a smaller mobile phone format
  • Apps available include things like the Kindle app that make the Tab a decent eBook reader
  • You have the full range of Google apps including Gmail and so email capabilities are strong
  • Connectivity is good and you have options to attach Bluetooth devices such as a wireless keyboard or mouse.
  • You can use the Tab to create a mobile hotspot that you can link other devices to. They then pick up a WiFi signal to connect them to the web

Samsung Galaxy Tab Cons

  • Well built but fairly plasticy
  • Android 2.2 looks basic – remember this is effectively a mobile phone operating system so not designed for this larger form so expect things like blocky fonts
  • Feels like a super-sized Android phone and it thinks it is too – by default it picks up the mobile phone versions of websites when browsing
  • Currently no WiFi only version for those who don’t want 3G but do want a cheaper price point
  • Screen can stutter between home screens
  • Viewing angles are ok but if you look at the Galaxy Tab from wider than a 45 degree angle you start losing the image clarity
  • Battery life of 4 hours of continuous video playback is a little light for a truly mobile device at this price

Galaxy Tab Reviews

Tablet Reviews – Samsung Galaxy Tab

The Galaxy Tab was the first real mainstream challenger to the iPad and has made a very good attempt at offering an iPad alternative. There are a lot of users who reject Apple’s restrictive approach to the iPad and the next option is to head to Google’s Android operating system on the Galaxy Tab. There are a few flaws but also a lot of positives too and depending on what you want from the device, the flaws may not impact your experience enough to draw you away from the Tab’s screen and more mobile 7-inch format. This format means it’s further away from being a replacement for your laptop but makes the Tab much more portable than an iPad.

The Samsung tablet started off at a very high price but this has fallen dramatically and that has made it an even more appealing proposition. Android apps keep coming and there is the option to upgrade the operating system, although if you want to run Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) it’s likely you’ll need to wait for the Galaxy Tab 2. Until then Galaxy Tab user reviews have been good and it’s the best 7-inch Android tablet in the market so far.

Samsung Galaxy Tab full specification and user reviews



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