Motorola Xoom Review – The First Android 3.0 tablet vs the iPad – Which Should You Buy?


Motorola Xoom Review

 Tablet PC Comparison - Motorola Xoom vs iPad


Motorola Xoom Pros


  • Well built tablet and good looking at the same time
  • 10.1 inch display has a good resolution for its size and widescreen high definition movies fit well to the dimensions
  • Weight is comparable with other tablets at this size but it’s not as light as the new iPad 2
  • Powerful processor means it’s fast and slick to respond to swipes, scrolls and taps. It can also cope with high definition video, handles Flash web technology and is also capable of running a number of apps at the same time without degrading performance. Transferring files from a PC is quick too
  • Android 3.0 (also referred to as Honeycomb) is the first version of Android that has been built around tablets, this means it’s actually designed for the resolution, screen size and processor capabilities. The user interface is more refined than previous versions of Android bringing features such as tabbed web browsing, live widgets and a well thought out notifications bar
  • Android Market, the Android app store, is available on the Xoom so you can download apps directly to the tablet
  • 2-megapixel front facing camera and 5-megapixel rear facing camera – happily deals with video chat and you can shoot high definition video too
  • Strong battery performance at 8-9 hours of continuous use
  • 32GB internal storage gives plenty of room for files and apps to be stored on the Motorola Xoom, plus it supports microSDHC cards – you can buy these relatively cheaply and extend the memory by up to another 32GB
  • Options for getting online include WiFi for attaching to a WiFi network/hotspot, 3G (and even the fast 4G when it becomes available) for connecting to a cellular/mobile phone network
  • USB port for attaching peripheral devices such as a keyboard or mouse or to connect to an external memory stick
  • GPS capable means you can use it with mapping software such as SatNav
  • MicroUSB port for linking up to a PC to move files on and off the Motorola Xoom
  • MiniHDMI port for hooking up to your high definition TV so you can watch what’s on the tablets screen, on your big screen.
  • Deals with we browsing happily – snappy to load pages and also unique features more like a desktop browser than a mobile browser
  • Music app is easy and fun to use. It looks great and the features are useful to help manage your music collection
  • Other pre-installed apps include Gmail for emails (other emails are supported in a separate app), Movie Studio for editing videos and other Google apps such as Maps and Books for reading eBooks. Pulse news reader for managing your news feeds, YouTube video app and games also show off the Xoom’s capabilities
  • The range of sensors including a Gyroscope on the Xoom make it an excellent gaming device as they detect each turn, twist and tilt
  • You can use the Xoom as a mobile hotspot so that other devices such as a laptop can wirelessly connect to its data signal

Motorola Xoom Cons

  • Screen gives off glare making it difficult to read in bright light
  • Limited 3rd party apps at the moment built specifically for Android 3.0. There’s plenty of apps in the Android Market app store but most are designed for smartphones and earlier versions of Android – they’re not optimised for the stronger capabilities of the Motorola Xoom. The impact is that you can get apps but they don’t use the full screen or the processor to it’s potential We can assume the Android App development community will address this quickly to fill this hole
  • Android Honeycomb isn’t polished so it’s not as perfect as the iOS operating system on the iPad. Future software upgrades should remedy this but for the time being that also means that if you leave too many apps running at once, it can really slow the Xoom down
  • Price tag is steep. This may fall though as other tablets compete with the Motorola XoomMotorola Xoom Reviews

Tablet Reviews – Motorola Xoom

the Motorola Xoom is a premium tablet and the first that runs Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) – the only version of Android that’s been specifically designed for tablets rather than smartphones. This means it’s the first Android tablet that really should be comparable to the iPad.

Android 3.0 is the most complete version of Android for tablets and it’s slick interface and new features make it fun to use. It’s still a work in progress though so expect a few buggy moments.

The Motorola Xoom outperforms the iPad with the feature set. This includes better cameras, wider data connectivity options and more flexibility in the range of ports to connect to your other devices.

However, in comparison to an iPad, the trade off is narrow screen viewing angles and limited tablet-specific apps.

Should you buy a Xoom or iPad 2? Ultimately it will depend what’s important to you. Prices are almost the same so if you’re already invested in the Apple iTunes eco-system with more apps specifically for this form factor than Android, plus you want the most polished, slick and user intuitive interface, then it’s the iPad

If you’re already into Android via your phone and you want more flexibility from a tablet to load exactly what you want on it, then the Xoom will pip the iPad

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