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Linx Commtiva N700 Tablet Review

Commtiva N700 Review


Commtiva N700 Pros

  • Low cost tablet option
  • Capacitive 7-inch touchscreen is responsive, multi-touch and displays strong colour
  • 3G compatible so will take a 3G SIM card for mobile data if you’re not in range of a WiFi signal
  • Bluetooth function means you can hook up a headset or keyboard to use for calls or a more versatile document creation device
  • 2 USB ports give even more flexibility to add external storage or peripherals such as a mouse or keyboard
  • MiniUSB port for charging the N700 device or hooking up to a PC to transfer files
  • Ships with 4GB microSD
  • GPS receiver so you can use as a Sat Nav device
  • Solid build given price point and 7-inch format is highly mobile and will fit in a jacket pocket
  • Runs Android 2.2 with access to Android Market official Android app store for complete range of Android apps and games – Facebook, Angry Birds, Twitter etc.
  • Web browsing performance is decent enough
  • Battery life is reasonable at this price.
  • Size works well for reading eBooks
  • Front facing camera is good enough for video chat

Commtiva N700 Cons

  • Blocky design isn’t the most stylish
  • Processor copes with the usual tablet apps but can slow or freeze if you’ve got more than a couple running simultaneously and doesn’t handle Flash video well – it generally struggles with most videos
  • 800 x 480 pixel screen is more comparable with a smart phone so on a 7-inch tablet means you get a grainy picture
  • Ships with Android 2.2 so comparable to Samsung Galaxy Tab but this is still a mobile phone OS and not optimised for a tablet so can look a bit basic
  • On screen controls that can’t be moved so these take up a section of the screen
  • Screen doesn’t have the widest viewing angle compared with other tablets so you need to keep it fairly face-on to avoid losing contrast
  • Without bright light, the rear facing camera delivers poor quality images
    Commtiva N700 Reviews

Tablet Review – Commtiva N700

The Commtiva N700 is a good 7-inch tablet at a cheap price. The leading 7-inch tablet is the Samsung Galaxy Tab and clearly this tablet won’t compare to that at this price. Corners have had to be cut but the hardware that remains makes this a well connected tablet with WiFi and 3G to get you online and Bluetooth to get your headset on voice calls. Android Market available on the device is a big win and the responsive screen means it can handle the Android apps well. The trade offs to get to this price are a weak processor that struggles with video, a lack of Flash support and a relatively low resolution screen.

But, at this price, if you’re less interested in playing media on your tablet then the Commtiva N700 will do a decent job for you and as at April 2011 is the best low cost 7-inch tablet for web surfing.

Commtiva N700 full specification and user reviews


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