New iPad Vs Old iPad – 1st Generation Vs 2nd Generation

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iPad 2 And iPad 1 Comparison

The iPad 2 launched today. Should you invest in a brand new iPad or buy a cheaper 1st generation iPad and what does the new iPad 2 have that the iPad 1 doesn’t?

Video conferencing

  • The iPad 2 has a webcam allowing you to set up video calls over a WiFi or 3G cellular network (data contract with a mobile phone company required). You can use Apple’s own FaceTime app to video call other Apple devices and potentially download the Skype app to video call with anyone signed into a Skype account (unconfirmed yet).

Rear Facing Camera

  • The new iPad has a rear facing camera that will allow you to take high definition videos and has a 5x digital zoom to boot. You can switch to this camera when you’re on a video call on FaceTime so you can share where you are with the person you’re speaking with. It also doubles up as a normal camera for taking still photos.

More Powerful Processor and More Memory

  • The iPad 1 is light on memory and so if you have lots of apps running simultaneously it can be slow to switch between them or you can get some lag in apps and games. The iPad 2 has a more powerful processor with more memory and this means it can handle even more complicated and high-octane apps and games. If you have more than one app open at a time then transitioning between them will be smoother. Graphics performance is reported to be up to 9 times better but the iPad 2 still retains as strong a battery life as before. A more powerful processor also means it can handle more graphically complicated games, load web pages quicker and deal with even more higher definition video.


  • This doesn’t sound important but the iPad 2 is thinner, lighter and much easier to hold in one hand for reading or whilst typing with the other hand. The iPad 1 is more designed for resting on your lap as it’s a tad too heavy. Basically it’s the difference between holding what feels more like a book versus a magazine.

Choice of colour

  • The iPad 2 comes in 2 colours, black or white. The iPad 1 was only available in black.


  • A gyroscope allows control of games and apps that sense rotation of the iPad and detection of roll, pitch and yaw. The most likely use of this is special movements of the iPad 2 itself that make gaming more fun but Apple tells us it will also help with maps and other apps that benefit from knowing every “twist, turn, tilt and 360”. It remains to be seen what game and app developers make of this but it looks like it will be impressive.

New Operating System

  • The iPad operating system will be updated in March with the launch of iOS 4.3. It includes an upgrade to Safari, wireless media streaming for streaming video from one Apple device to another and an option to set up a personal hotspot for your iPhone 4. The wireless streaming looks particularly interesting as it will allow you to stream what’s on your iPad’s screen direct to a high definition TV. It’s not clear yet if iOS 4.3 will be offered to iPad 1 owners.


  • This is the one thing that isn’t different, the iPad 2 comes in at the same price as the comparable memory, 3G and WiFi versions of the iPad 1.

iPad 1 vs iPad 2 review

Should You Buy An iPad 2?

The new iPad 2 looks impressive but it’s more of an evolution from the iPad 1 than a major step change. The iPad remains the leading tablet and if you’re not that fussed about these new things then a 1st generation iPad is available at a much lower price than the 2nd generation so you can go ahead and buy it now safe in the knowledge that it will be a while until the iPad 3 turns up with the next upgrade. Apple now has iPad 1’s available to buy in the UK from £329.

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