Dell Streak 7 Review – Compromise In The Wrong Places


Dell Streak 7 Tablet Review


Dell Streak 7 review 

Dell Streak 7 Pros

  • 7-inch multitouch screen is responsive and glossy
  • Solid build plastic • Currently runs Android 2.2 which isn’t optimised for tablets although it’s widely utilised for them – Android 3.0 is promised for the Streak 7 by Dell when it’s available
  • 7-inch slate format means it’s light, more portable (i.e. fits in a jacket pocket) and easier to hold in one hand when typing or reading than a 10-inch tablet – the trade off is less screen real estate
  • Good quality processor can handle tasks well and the Dell Streak 7 is nippy moving between apps, dealing with high definition video and web browsing • Strong gaming experience and handles more complex 3D games with ease
  • Decent Adobe Flash performance so you can access all Flash content on the web which includes video, games and animation
  • SIM card slot allows you to use an existing SIM card and slot it into the Dell Streak 7 to get a 3G connection to surf the web or manage emails when you’re not in range of a WiFi signal
  • The Dell Streak is 4G enabled so will connect to a 4G cellular/mobile network. These are fairly rare at the moment but will become more prevalent as time goes on. What this means is that when you want to get online and you’re out of range of a WiFi network, you can connect to a cellular network to get online. If you connect to a 4G network then the speed of downloading web pages or emails is much faster than a 3G network. You can also link other Internet enabled devices to this so, for example, your laptop could use this fast connection
  • MicroSD card slot for expanding the memory space that’s available to store files
  • There are pre-loaded apps covering email, ebooks, radio, music, games and video
  • Video chat is possible via a 1.3 megapixel front-facing webcam
  • 5 megapixel camera on the rear is good quality and high-spec for a tablet. It can also take high definition video clips

Dell Streak 7 Cons

  • Battery isn’t removable so you can’t slot another one in when the charge runs down
  • No HDMI output so you’re forced to buy a separate dock if you want to output video from your Dell Streak 7 to a larger high definition TV
  • No USB port – useful for plugging in external memory devices such as a memory stick or peripherals such as a mouse or keyboard
  • Screen resolution is only 800 by 480 pixels so this is effectively the same as a high-end smartphone but stretched across the 7-inch screen. The impact is that the images are grainy – this impacts the web browsing, reading, video experience
  • The screen’s viewing angles aren’t terrible but they also aren’t great. As you move to viewing the tablet from more extreme angles you loose contrast and it becomes hard to read
  • Poor battery life – manages only 3-4 hours of continuous use whilst playing video with the WiFi connected

Dell Streak 7 review

Tablet Reviews – Dell Streak 7

Tablet manufacturers are forced to make compromises to get to an acceptable price point for their slate but Dell have made these in critical areas that make the Streak 7 hard to accept – a low resolution screen and poor battery life. The experience feels like an over-sized smartphone as little has been done to optimise it for the large format. For this price, you just need a more polished experience.

If competitive pressure forces the price down then there are some good points – super-fast 4G and the speedy processor for web browsing and 3D games. It also handles Flash and high-definition video well.

The verdict for now is to wait and see what happens as more tablets become available.

Dell Streak 7 full specification and user reviews



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