Creative ZiiO Entertainment Tablet Review – A Specialist Media Tablet

Creative Ziio Tablet Review

Creative Ziio 7 inch Reviews


Creative ZiiO Tablet Pros

  • Low priced tablet
  • Powerful processor handles the normal tasks you’d expect on an Android tablet
  • Comes in 7-inch or 10-inch version (measured diagonally)
  • The screens on both the 7-inch and 10-inch ZiiO are bright
  • Enhanced Audio – Built to give the best experience for your music collection – e.g. You can tweak very specific elements of the audio settings such as EQ settings
  • Wide range of audio and video file types are supported
  • Allows for high quality music streaming
  • If you’re prepared to manually load Android apps on to the ZiiO (see below), it handles them well
  • Android music app delivers strong music experience and has a bluetooth manager to link directly to external speakers
  • Comes with 8GB or 16GB internal memory but there’s also a microSD card slot to expand storage space for even more music files
  • HDMI port allows you to output what’s on the screen on the ZiiO to a high definition TV
  • MiniUSB for loading media and apps from your PC or attaching peripheral devices
  • Nippy performance surfing the web with sites loading fast given the low price point
  • Deals with HD YouTube videos from the website happily
  • The Creative ZiiO has own range of media apps for listening to music, watching video, viewing photos, reading eBooks etc.
  • Decent enough battery life for a low price range tablet at around 5 hours of continuous video playback Creative Ziio 010-inch Tablet Reviews

Creative ZiiO Tablet Cons

  • Resistive touchscreen so not as responsive as a capacitive touchscreen (as used on most tablets these days). There is a stylus provided to make this easier though and generally the screen is good and at least as responsive as any resistive screen experienced. However there is no multitouch so any zooming whilst browsing the web is done via on-screen controls
  • The screen isn’t as high resolution as other tablets so can be a bit grainy
  • Build is ok but not as solid as other tablets and a bit plasticy. Hardware buttons could be more responsive
  • No 3G version – it’s WiFi only
  • Ships only with Android 2.1 which is an operating system designed for mobile phones rather than the larger form tablets and so doesn’t use the large screen to it’s full potential. Creative say an upgrade to a newer version of Android is promised for early 2011
  • Doesn’t support Android Market to download apps direct to the device so you’ll be forced to hack around to get Android apps on the ZiiO. Creative offer the ZiiStore which has a selection of apps but does not have the range of apps in comparison to the official Android Market
  • Occasionally can stall and stutter erratically when using some apps or transitioning
  • Front facing camera is poor quality and video conferencing is not supported


Tablet Reviews – Creative ZiiO Entertainment Tablet

Creative haven’t pitched directly against the iPad, instead they’ve focussed much more on their strength – music lovers. The ZiiO will still perform the tasks you’d expect for an Android tablet (web surfing, videos etc.) but the lack of the Android Market means getting apps on here is harder work. The resistive screen is frustrating for tasks needing a lot of taps and swipes so playing games is going to be tricky anyway. Ultimately though the price is very attractive and at this cost you can’t expect a comparable experience to an iPad or Galaxy Tab. Considering that low price point – what you do get is pretty good, particularly as a media player.

Creative ZiiO full specification and user reviews


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