Archos 101 Review – A Great Value Android Tablet

Archos 101 Tablet Review

Archos 101 Android Internet Tablet


Archos 101 Internet Tablet Pros

  • Strong hardware specification that delivers a nippy performance
  • Low price tablet
  • Archos have been producing media players with web surfing functions for a number of years and also has experience of dealing with the Android operating system on past tablets
  • Lightweight design whilst still robust
  • 10.1 inch multitouch screen – the display is bright and resolution crisp
  • Relatively responsive multitouch capacitive screen
  • Respectable battery life – about 7 hours of continuous video playback and 10 hours web browsing
  • Internet browsing handled well and fairly speedy
  • Supports Adobe Flash for web content such as video and games
  • Good media support – great for music and numerous video formats supported. Excellent video playback quality
  • Webcam for video conferencing
  • Strong connectivity options – Bluetooth
  • Decent Wi-Fi support
  • Micro-USB port for transferring data to and from a PC
  • USB port to connect a storage device, keyboard or mouse
  • Mini-HDMI connector to output what’s on the Archos 101 screen to a TV so you can watch films/play games from the Archos 101, on your big screen
  • You can increase the built-in storage with a microSDHC card up to an additional 32GB
  • Kickstand on rear holds the Archos 101 at a good angle for typing or watching video – there’s no need to buy separate stand
  • Providing you can hack Android Games on to the Archos 101, accelerometer works well and gaming experience is good
  • Potential to tether to your mobile phone and use your mobile data plan without needing a separate contract

Archos 101 Internet Tablet

Archos 101 Internet Tablet Cons

  • Weak build – plastics feel cheap and it’s not as stylish as other tablets
  • Software is in needs work – it’s lacking finesse
  • Ships with Android 2.1 and then you need to upgrade to Android 2.2 – it doesn’t run Flash content until you have this upgrade
  • No direct access to apps in Android Market – you’ll need to hack this on to the device, although it’s fairly easy and full instructions are available through the open source community
  • It has it’s own AppsLib library which is limited so no Kindle app, or Pandora and limited on the range of games
  • Low spec camera – don’t expect it to produce decent pictures
  • Screen viewing angles aren’t great so you’ll need to look at it more-or-less face-on to avoid loosing contrast and the picture washing out
  • High definition video restricted to the lower end of high-definition which is 720p resolution

Tablet Reviews – Archos 101

The Archos 101 Internet Tablet is a great value tablet at the price. It’s lightweight and nippy with good versatility due to the large range of ports. The battery life, audio and visual capabilities are all good. Web browsing works well and the touchscreen is responsive. If you’re prepared to live with Android 2.2 and hack your way around the restrictive approach to apps then this could be the tablet for you.

Archos 101 Internet Tablet Full Specification


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