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Apple iPad Tablet Review

Apple iPad Reviews


Apple iPad Pros

  • Trademark Apple stylish design and high quality build
  • Strong processor that handles operating system designed for mobile devices well – e.g. smooth transitions and no stuttering between apps
  • Highly responsive 9.7-inch (measured diagonally) touchscreen delivers vivid colours and without contrast drop off if you view the display from extreme angles
  • Fantastic battery life – up to 10 hours of continuous video playback on a single charge
  • iOS operating system is slick, very user friendly, intuitive and easy to use. Makes even mundane tasks fun
  • Wide range of accessories – keyboard, camera connection kit, AV cable etc
  • Apple’s locked down app eco-system means all apps meet a quality level set by Apple and means there’s no requirement for virus software as all apps are checked before being allowed in the App Store.
  • On-screen keyboard works well and intuitive word-recognition corrects spelling mistakes as you go
  • App store has the most extensive range of apps available specifically for tablets of all the tablets currently available – you’ll find lots of big name app providers including utilities, games and office software
  • Apps for watching video, listening to music, email, reading books, note taking, maps and YouTube come pre-installed
  • Handles web browsing smoothly and speedily
  • Strong WiFi support and 3G option available at additional cost


Apple iPad Cons

  • No webcam – this is likely to come with the iPad 2 – for the iPad 1 user you’ll need to buy an optional extra camera
  • Apple locked down app eco-system limits what you can load on the iPad to those apps in the iTunes app store
  • Too heavy to use in one hand so you need to rest on a lap or table to use
  • No support for the Adobe Flash plug-in so you won’t be able to view Flash videos on the web
  • 3G version doesn’t allow you to slide in your own SIM card – you need to pay for a separate contract specifically for the iPad
  • No memory card slot to increase storage capacity – you’re limited to the size of iPad you buy – 16GB, 32GB or 64GB
  • Battery isn’t removable so you can’t take a separate one to slot in when you run out of charge on the road – although you can buy an external battery pack relatively cheaply

Tablet Reviews – Apple iPad 1 Generation

The iPad 1st Gen doesn’t have the extensive specification of other tablets but the responsive screen, extensive range of high quality apps and intuitive, user centric software design make it stand out a long, long way. The fantastic battery life and excellent build quality means this is truly a mobile device – that can help you get your work done, whilst doubling up as a tablet for fun at the same time. If you’re willing to pay for the best experience and you can accept Apple’s approach to controlling the available content through iTunes, then you won’t go wrong with the iPad.

Apple iPad full specification and user reviews

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