Apple iPad 2 Review – Simple Reasons Why The iPad 2 Is The Best


Apple iPad Review

iPad 2 Review


Apple iPad 2 Pros

  • Sleek and stylish design with high quality build and now very thin – makes it about 2/3 of the weight of the iPad 1 and other 10-inch tablets. iPad 2 is thinner and much easier to hold in one hand for reading or typing
  • High powered processor that makes the iOS operating system even nippier. Apps run smoothly and it handles high definition video with ease. More processor memory means it can run complicated apps, more graphically-complex games, load web pages quicker and deal with higher definition video
  • Highly responsive 9.7-inch (measured diagonally) touchscreen. With a special display that keep strong vivid colours and wide viewing angles so you don’t lose contrast even if you view the iPad 2 from extreme angles
  • Fantastic battery life – iPad 1 was the leader in battery life on a tablet and that remains true with up to 10 hours on a single charge
  • iOS is the operating system on the iPad and is a highly user-friendly, intuitive interface
  • A huge range of accessories have already been launched even though the iPad 2 has only just come out. One of the most impressive for this tablet is a metallic cover that is specifically designed to snap to the iPad 2, aligning perfectly via magnets. This case also doubles up as a stand. Open or close it and it switches the iPad in and out of sleep mode
  • Webcam allows you to video chat using Apple’s own FaceTime app to video call other Apple devices
  • The new iPad has a rear facing camera to take high definition videos and still photos with 5x digital zoom
  • The iPad 2 isn’t cheap but it is a premium tablet product. It is the same price as the iPad 1 was when it was initially released. Prices vary depending on what memory, 3G & WiFi or WiFi-only versions you want
  • You can now hook your iPad up to a high definition TV to output high definition video that’s on your iPad, to the big screen. A new feature of the iPad 2 also allows you to stream video from your iPad to other iOS devices
  • Apple have added a gyroscope to the 2nd generation iPad which means games can be developed that sense each turn, twist, tilt and 360 as you move the iPad to control it – making it an even more compelling gaming tablet
  • The following pros still apply to the iPad 2, just as they did with the iPad 1:
  • Apple lock down their app eco-system so all apps achieve quality standards, apps have few bugs and malicious viruses are prevented
  • The Apple App Store has the widest range of apps available that are iPad=optimised than any other tablet platform
  • Pre-installed apps cover watching video, listening to music, email, reading books, note taking, maps and YouTube videos

Apple iPad 2 Cons

  • Apple’s restrictive approach to the app eco-system means they control what you can and can’t load on the iPad
  • The Adobe Flash plug-in is not supported. Flash is used to display some videos, adverts, games and animations on the web. This means you’ll get a blank box on some websites where the Flash content would have been
  • To get online via a 3G network you can’t use your existing SIM card from a mobile phone, you’ll need to pay for a separate contract specifically for the iPad
  • The iPad comes with 16GB, 32GB or 64GB of internal memory storage for files. There is no memory card slot to increase storage capacity

iPad 2 tablet PC depth comparison

Tablet Reviews – Apple iPad 2nd Generation

The Apple iPad 1 dominated the consumer tablet PC market last year and is still the best tablet PC available. Now the iPad 2 has come out, it’s stretched Apple’s lead even further. Apple’s dominance is not in the hardware, where other tablet PC’s have stronger features, but in the software and in a highly polished and user-friendly operating system. Couple that with the iPad App Store and its ever growing range of excellent quality iPad-specific apps and you start to understand why consumers are so focussed on the iPad.

Apple’s approach to locking down what you can put on the iPad isn’t for everyone and Android is making a fight of offering comparable experiences without the restrictions. Other operating systems will also come through so for the iPad 2, Apple has evolved their product further with new features that don’t necessarily seem like a big step on from the iPad 1 but do make a big difference to the experience. The new processor makes the iPad super fast and the drop in weight and depth has made it even more sleek. The responsive and vivid screen continue to make it a pleasure to use and the fantastic battery life gives the always-on capability and mobility.

Despite the polished offering, the iPad pricing is still keen for a premium tablet so is still the best overall tablet available now.

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    It is the champion of the tablet computer race. A very nice device, but very pricey.

    • Thanks for the comment Alden, the iPad certainly is the one to beat, but as you mention, there are cheaper alternatives.

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