Advent Vega Tablet Review – Cheap Tablet Delivers Good Performance

Advent Vega Tablet Review

 Advent Vega Reviews 

Advent Vega Tablet Pros 

  • Low priced tablet at £250
  • 10.1-inch capacitive touchscreen means screen is responsive to finger swipes and taps
  • The display is crisp and bright, with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels – you can lose some some of these pixels though as these are taken up by the permanently viewable software menu bar
  • Powerful processor with WiFi connection so browsing the web is as fast as using any tablet
  • Relatively thin, lightweight and not too bulky in design – not ultra-stylish but not too shabby either
  • USB and microSD ports mean you can attach to a PC to load media files on to the tablet or add more external storage memory for files
  • HDMI port -  you can hook up the Advent Vega tablet to your HD TV and watch what’s on the tablets screen on your TV – think Internet TV on your big screen
  • Decent media capabilities and handles playing music and video smoothly
  • Adobe Flash compatible – opens up all the web content in Flash such as videos and games – this will cover the likes of the BBC iPlayer
  • Decent battery life at around 6 hours of continuous video playback

Advent Vega Tablet

Advent Vega Tablet Cons

  • Ships with Android 2.2 operating system
  • Although this is a relatively recent version of Android, it’s not designed for tablets so can look a bit sparse
  • The processor is powerful enough to handle this operating system with the exception of the odd bug where the display can stick
  • Doesn’t support Android Market unless you hack this on to the Advent Vega tablet. Instructions on how to do this are readily available, free and easy to follow through the open source community but some users won’t be comfortable doing this as it voids the warranty
  • As there is no Android Market support out of the box you are limited on the selection of apps – YouTube, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter etc are only available through a browser rather than an easy-to-use app. Apps that come preinstalled are the standard Android browser, WHSmith bookstore, email and media player – you can use this for playing movies, music and looking at photos
  • No option to connect to the Internet using a 3G mobile network – only option is WiFi so you need to link up to your home network or find a WiFi hotspot when you’re out and about
  • Poor quality camera so photos are blurry and video stutters
  • Power, orientation lock and back buttons are fiddly to use. It’s sometimes very hard to find your way out of some apps as there’s no hardware home button
  • Screen has poor viewing angles so unless you look at it directly face-on, colours wash out and you lose contrast.

Tablet Reviews – Advent Vega

The Advent Vega is a great cheap tablet option for browsing the web and happily deals with emails, video and music. There are compromises with the hardware so you can’t expect iPad comparable screen quality. Android 2.2 isn’t a polished tablet operating system and particularly isn’t optimised for this screen resolution. The Advent Vega’s approach to apps is restrictive so if you want to get the most out of it then you’re going to have to be prepared to jump through some hoops to open up the Android Market and the huge range of apps this brings. If you are prepared to do this then you will be handsomely rewarded as it does transform this tablet.

The bottom line is that the Advent Vega substantially undercuts other Android tablets in price and delivers an impressive performance so if you’re in the market for a budget tablet consider this alongside the Archos 101.

Advent Vega full specification


Image Source: PC World


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