Launch Day – Apple iPad Lands in the US

It’s the big day when the iPad appears in stores and “real” users get to sample what it’s like.

Rounding up a few stories that popped in yesterday…

Macworld ipad whole package

Macworld gives us a full range of screenshots from the iPad – All looks pretty cool.

We follow this with a set of “Hands-on photos of the iPad”.

Macworld completed this trio of posts with a thorough round-up answering a huge list of questions – check out: “Updated FAQ: What you need to know about the iPad”

We’ll dig around in these posts and the reviews in the next couple of days to pull out the important points and anything else new we learn.

It’s all about the iPad App Store.

Lets face it, the iPad might get some people excited with it’s sleek design, but what brings it to life are the apps.

Mashable posted “10 Insanely Great iPad Apps We Can’t Wait to Use” – a list of apps that they’re looking forward to on the iPad

They followed that with a more specific post on the iBookstore – “Apple Launches iBookstore”

Finally, Engadget also ran with a story entitled, “iPad apps: defining experiences from the first wave”.

We’ll keep running more news as we hear it. What do you think so far, are you ready to ditch your netbook yet?

Image Source: Macworld

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