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Week ending 21st March 2010 at iPadTabletPCReview.com


The Big iPad and Tablet PC stories

 Apple iPad showing home screen

With the first iPads soon arriving, the hype continues. It appears that the pre-orders are coming in thick and fast with CNN Money predicting around 200,000 orders in the first week.

Meanwhile MacObserver.com reported that Rupert Murdoch also said “All Media is Going Into the iPad.” To summarise, he predicted it’s going to be a steady start but growing quickly as other iPad alternatives come into the market and devices get better and better.

A few more tidbits of information filtered through on the Apple website on the iPads functions. Check out “Apple Quietly Fills in Some iPad Blanks” from pcworld.com

Engadget also posted how in the US both the National Public Radio and the Wall Street Journal are furiously working on iPad-friendly websites. It highlights to me if large corporation websites are prepared to build a separate site to get round Flash not working on the iPad, how many will follow? And then how many will ask what’s the point of maintaining the Flash version when HTML 5 gives alternative ways of doing what Flash can but in a more efficient and cross-device way. Could we be witnessing the start of the decline of Flash?

Mashable reported that Apple have started accepting iPad apps for review from developers. Only applications submitted to review by March 27 will make it into the grand opening of the Apple iPad App Store.

A bit more news filtered through on the HP Slate – the iPads much talked about competitor. “HP Slate priced at €400 for June launch, Atom CPU confirmed?” reported Engadget. Worldwide pricing levels are hard to gauge but at €400 ($546 or £380)  would definitely put this at a competitive level with the iPad. Currently we’re looking at somewhere between June and September that this one will launch.

HP Slate showing Wall Street Journal

Courtesy of Engadget

Need a $99 (£65) tablet PC to replace your text books? Well Engadget reported this week that Marvell is pitching a $99 Moby Tablet aimed at students exactly for this purpose. Will be interesting to see how this one develops.

Drippler.com wrote a handy post listing all the iPad Accessoriesyou’ll be wanting. Nothing too revolutionary here but you’ll need the essentials such as the case and you can expect more iPad accessories to follow.

And finally…

IPad with diamond bezel

Courtesy of Mashable

If you want the ultimate bling iPad and have $20,000 kicking around then for a bit of fun check out: “Diamonds Are Forever, and So Are Diamond iPads” – mashable.com

That’s it for this week, let me know what you think on all these stories particularly on the Flash debate – is this the beginning of the end for Flash?


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