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Today I’m launching a new weekly news update on iPadTabletPCReview.com. Each weekend I’ll pick out the key stories that week that have caught my eye related to the Apple iPad and Tablet PCs.

News Round Up

Week Ending 14th March 2010

The Big iPad and Tablet PC stories

The Apple iPad displaying the home screen

The iPad courtesy of Apple

First up the big news this week is definitely the launch of the iPad for pre-order. If you ever doubted the iPad was going to be a success then take a look at the pre-orders. Reports suggest 120,000 iPads were pre-sold on the opening day of registration. The numbers are estimates but looking through the article on Mashable it looks like just over 50,000 were sold in the first 2 hours. Later predictions forecast 90,000 in the first day that was later adjusted to a “conservative” 120,000 mark.

It’s true to say that 2010 will definitely be a year when a huge number of Tablet PCs are launched. Tablet PCs aren’t new but it seems like now Apple are launching their iPad Tablet PC, we’re hitting a tipping point. Not a day goes by without another manufacturer talking up their next Tablet PC launch. Most of these are in a “coming soon” or “launching later this year” context and here’s a few of the bold statements coming out this week on the Engadget website – “Over 50 ARM-based tablets launching this year”.

Tablet PC Reviews


Also as people start getting their hands on the various tablet PC we have some reviews:

“$92 MD500 Android tablet from Hott actually looks pretty cool”

“Huawei announces SmaKit S7 Android tablet”

The Entrourage-edge was reviewed this week. It’s a hybrid between an e-reader and tablet PC but according to this review doesn’t do either particularly well.

The Entrourage-edge Tablet PC

The Entrourage-edge Tablet PC courtesy of Engadget

Already delayed but eagerly awaited and imminently due is the JooJoo tablet. Engadget picked up that the JooJoo has revamped the interface ahead of the launch plus adding local video playback. Anyone who pre-ordered a black JooJoo is now being offered their money back as it’s changing colour too!

Of the Tablet PCs already in the market we’re starting to get a bit more information coming through as people get hold of the devices. I covered the Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t on Thursday’s post but have a look at the “Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t review” on the Engadget site for further information and their thoughts.

And finally…

 Apple iPad home screen in portrait mode

A couple of other articles caught my eye this week. Firstly a few more morsels of information are filtering through on the various functions of the iPad.

Check out: “iPad mute switch magicked into a ‘screen rotation lock’ overnight, a flurry of other tidbits emerge” – www.engadget.com

ipadinsider.com also gave us a bit more insight into how books will look on the iPad.

The Apple iPad adverts that aired this week were also picked apart by the keen eyed enthusiasts. - Engadget (where else?!) picked up the story.

Check out the advert for yourself if you haven’t seen it already.

And to finish off, an interesting post speculating on how we can expect the Apple iPad to evolve over the coming years at drippler.com. I agree with the conclusion on this piece that the iPad is changing the landscape of low-cost mobile computing. Other copycat devices will follow but just trying to squeeze the desktop into a Tablet PC will not lead to success, it’s really Apple’s approach to innovation that will get the average person away from thinking about a mini-computer and more a device that is capable of doing exactly what they want without glitches. It’s all about a user-centric device – enter the iPad.



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