New iPad Operating System, Cheap iPads, Acer Tablets, Dell Inspiron Duo and much, much more

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This week at What Tablet PC we have the launch of the upgraded iPad operating system and what this means, some speculation on what the iPad 2 will bring plus even more iPad news with details on how you can get a cheap refurbished iPad from Apple.

We follow up these posts with news on the Advent Vega getting Android Market support, plus launch rumours of the Acer Android tablets and Dell Inspiron Duo. We also have reviews of the Inspiron Duo itself, Archos 9 and Apad M1001.

If that wasn’t enough there’s some tablet PC buying advice and a round-up of all the new eReader news this week.

iPad upgraded operating system is launched by Apple

Cheap iPads and what we can expect from the iPad 2

Advent Vega Can Now Operate With The Android Market

Launch Rumours of Forthcoming Inspiron Duo and Acer Android Tablets

Reviews from the Archos 9, Dell Inspiron Duo, Apad M1001

eReader News Roundup

Buying Advice: Is a tablet PC right for you?

That’s it for this week, we have the apps news for this week coming tomorrow.


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