iPad and Tablet PC News for Week Ending 4 April – Part 2


Well it’s been a crazy week of iPad news this week on iPadTabletPCReview.com.

Normal service returns next week with the Weekly Reviews post back on Wednesday followed by the single Weekly News post on Sunday. But for now lets cover the iPad launch hype, first impressions and some debates on the web…

The Big iPad and Tablet PC Stories and Discussion


People queuing for the iPad outside an Apple store - mashable.com The web is awash with the hype around people queuing to get their iPad so I won’t dwell on that too long. Mashable had some good pictures covering these lines and the story of the arrival of the iPad – “iPad is Here”. 

iPad Reviews and Walk Throughs


Following on from some of the links posted to press reviews of the iPad, let’s have a look at what some of the key-tech sites said about the iPad and also a few videos that came with the unboxing…

Apple iPad review – Engadget

“there are aspects of this device which we love, and others which we clearly do not”

“The iPad is powerful, elegant, and largely unlike any computer you’ve ever used.”

“if you’re like a lot of computer users, you don’t really do much on your system except for listen to music, casually browse the web and read news sites, watch some online video, play games, and keep in touch with friends via Twitter, IM, and Facebook. If you fit that description, you might just fall in love with Apple’s $499 bundle of joy”

Apple iPad with Wi-Fi 32GB – PC World

“Pros: Best-in-class touch interface, Large display shows pics and videos beautifully, All-day battery life”

“Cons: No way to manage files, no camera, no multitasking, Lack of Flash support cripples many Web sites, Poor scaling of iPhone apps”

“Bottom Line: Apple looks set to shake up casual computing with a tablet that offers clever design and ease of use. But that streamlined approach may also be the iPad’s weakness.”

Apple iPad review – Macworld

“Is the iPad a good product? The answer is undeniably, enthusiastically yes. It’s a fantastic piece of hardware, inside and out, but more than that, it’s the apotheosis of Apple’s design philosophy, synthesizing cutting-edge hardware design with innovative system and application software into a single, unified product.”

“One day, devices like the iPad may very well change the way we view computers and technology. But right now, I don’t believe the iPad is going to make anyone stop using their main Mac or PC. If you were in the market for an e-book reader or a supplemental laptop, though, I’d give those plans a serious re-think.”

More iPad First Impressions and Discussion – Mac Rumours

MacRumours gave some more practical elements on first impressions…

“The iPad feels very substantial in the hand… The screen is bright and crisp with wide viewing angles… The iPad must be connected to iTunes in order to set it up… The capacitive touchscreen is fast and responsive… The on-screen keyboard in portrait orientation is usable with two thumbs but the middle keys will be a bit of a stretch for those with smaller hands… The keys are nice and large so it’s hard to miss the intended key and the predictive entry also found on the iPhone helps as well… iPad-optimized apps are really where it’s going to be… Sound out of the iPad’s speaker is richer and louder than expected and is sufficient for watching a movie in a quiet environment. The iTunes Store and the App Store are a pleasure to browse on the iPad.”

 iPad Test Notes: Speed – Gizmodo

“Playing with an iPad, one of the first things you notice is its speed. Everything zips into place. Our side by side tests comparing it with the iPhone proved that (for the most part) its snappiness isn’t just imagined.”

A Visual Tour of the Apple iPad – PC World

Nothing to summarise here just a load of pretty pictures – but it does look cool.

PC World image of iPad homescreen

And let’s finish the reviews section with a couple of videos that bring the iPad to life:

TUAW Video: Unboxing the iPad – The Unofficial Apple Weblog

TUAW TV Live — Unboxing the iPad – The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Other iPad News and Comment


The first post that moves on from these first impressions looks at how you could use it for blogging. The conclusion – typing takes a bit of learning but it’s do-able. Inserting links and pictures is very hard work… Can You Blog From an iPad? I Just Did – Mashable

Next we hear how Microsoft are keeping a close eye on how the iPad evolves but are hinting that they’ve “no current plans” to launch an Office app – Microsoft Office on iPad? Don’t Hold Your Breath – Mashable

The iPad has a bespoke charger and don’t expect to use your existing iPhone or iPod charger to get the iPad some extra juice. Macworld explained some more in “The iPad’s charging challenge explained”.

Next up a post on who the iPad will most appeal to – Mobile Professionals, Typical Computer Users, Students and Developers. Check out “The four groups who will make the iPad huge” on  The Unofficial Apple Weblog to see why.

A debate that has been rumbling since the original Steve Jobs announcement of the iPad is if it can kill off netbooks. PC World now picks this up again, verdict: Maybe. They have the netbook winning on web surfing and productivity but the iPad winning portability and games – iPad vs. Netbook: It’s a Close Call

PC World again came up with another interesting post highlighting how the iPad with its range of e-book readers has the potential to eat into the e-book reader market currently dominated by the likes of dedicated reading devices such as the Amazon Kindle. However the screen glare and heavy chassis are likely to hold the iPad back – iPad as E-Reader: Glaring Problems, Promising Apps – PC World

The next PC World article argues that the iPad isn’t just a large iPod touch and if you already have an iPhone you may not need the upgrade. To summarise, if you’re frustrated with watching movies or playing games on your iPhone then the upgrade to the larger iPad is likely to be up your street. The cost involved in the iPad is great particularly when you factor in the app costs. The native applications are better on the iPad and the apps “cooler” but is this enough to justify the extra cost? Check out the full post on PC World – iPad Versus the iPhone: Why I Don’t Need Both—Yet

The last post looks at how the iPad has the potential to really shake up the gaming world but equally doesn’t think that users will buy an iPad solely for games – at least not at the moment. Check out: How the iPad will (or won’t) change video games – Macworld

And Finally…

iPad Insider reported how someone bought three iPads and then destroyed one in a bid to create a bit of PR, an expensive stunt  or a PR genius?

Apple iPad Dropped and Tortured – iPad Insider

That’s it for this week, let me know any thoughts you have on the news and anything else you want to see in future posts.

Image Source: Engadget, Mashable


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