Apple iPad Overview Part 2 – What I Want For The iPad 2 Next Generation

In part 1 of this iPad overview, I covered why I like the iPad experience, today on What Tablet PC we’re going to look at what I’d like to see in the next iPad when it’s launched by Apple next year.

ipad showing app store and racing game

iPad 2 – What I want from the next iPad

A while ago we covered some of the gripes with the iPad and it’s limitations, some still ring true but I’m very happy with what the 1st generation iPad has delivered. Having said that, there are some things I’d like to see with the next iPad launch…

  • Front Facing Camera – not much to be said here, my main requirement is that the iPad gets a camera along the lines of the iPhone 4 so you can do video calls. Apple let you set this up with Face Time which is their equivalent of Skype. I would however like to be able to make calls to Skype addresses – not sure if we’ll get this or not.
  • Adobe Flash – it would be great to be able to see the “full” web. Currently any videos that use Flash are blanked out as Apple made a conscious decision to exclude it due to the buggy nature of Flash and didn’t want the user experience degraded. If Apple could pull off Flash without the bugs, it would be great to have video services. Given the rocky relationship between Apple and Adobe, the chances of Flash on an iPad are pretty low.
  • Better word processor and spreadsheets – there are various word processor and spreadsheet apps available for the iPad but all represent slimmed down versions of the more powerful Word or Excel-type desktop applications. I use Docs2Go but it’s still awkward to use and just doesn’t work particularly well on an iPad’s touchscreen – you don’t get the precision or workflow capabilities you get with a desktop/laptop e.g. copy/paste is fiddly. It would be great to have more feature rich applications for the iPad. I’m not sure how you solve the precision and workflow issues other than buy a keyboard but I’m sure someone must be able to come up with a better way of doing these complex actions on a tablet. iPad showing Keynote application
  • Integration with Windows apps such as Windows Writer – apart from writing notes on the iPad, I’ve struggled to create documents as mentioned above. It would however be great to have WYSIWIG blog writing software that integrates with my desktop edition for getting posts written. It will happen someday but probably not in the immediate future.
  • Non-reflective screen for e-reader – the iPad’s screen is great for vivid colours and viewing from wide angles but is hard to read in direct sunlight. We should see tablet PCs launching soon that use PixelQI technology that can be switched between an LCD backlit screen and an e-ink screen giving flexibility. Don’t expect this on an iPad in the 2nd generation.
  • Less bulk – the iPad isn’t heavy but it isn’t light either so you really need to rest it on a surface or on your lap to use it. If it could be lighter it would be much easier to hold in one hand, freeing up the other for operating it.

When will the iPad 2 launch?

Other manufacturers will be launching their slate PCs in the coming months and this will challenge Apple to ensure they continue to dominate the mainstream tablet PC market. Hopefully we’ll see some pleasant surprises when the next iPad is launched.

It remains to be seen when Apple will launch the iPad 2 but generally they launch products in yearly cycles. They announced the iPad in January 2010 so in theory we could get another launch in January 2011, however this doesn’t tie in particularly well with the peak selling periods for new gadgets so perhaps they’ll wait until a year after the device actually landed in people’s hands – that will mean we’re looking at April.

For more information and user reviews on the iPad check out the full US Apple iPad specs and reviews or the UK Apple iPad reviews.

Update 1st March 2011 – Check out the latest iPad 1 Review.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this information about iPad. It would be better if iPad supports Flash. Comparatively Samsung galaxy tab is supporting Flash. The other thing is “Front Facing Camera”, which would be beneficial for Facetime application.

    • Agreed. It would be great if the iPad could handle Flash so you could get everything on the web – even Flash video would be great. Ultimately I can’t see Apple backing down though and there would be compromises such as Flash draining the battery. Skype on the iPad would also be great if it has the front facing camera – it’s looking very likely we’ll get this when the iPad 2 is announced. Rumours are we’re going to hear an announcement very, very soon.

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