5 Guides On How To Use An Apple iPad

Guide to using your iPad

Start screen showing iPad registration and getting started with a new iPad

A bonus feature on iPadTabletPCReview.com this week for anyone trying to get to grips with their new iPad. I’ve pulled out links (mostly from Gizmodo) that talk you through some of the key tasks and features to get the most our of your iPad.

1. How To Get an iPad Up and Running

HOW TO: Get Started with the iPad – Mashable

How To: Set Up Your iPad – Gizmodo

2. Essential iPad Tips and Tricks

10 Essential iPad Tips & Tricks – Gizmodo

3. How to Move Documents From a Computer to an iPad:

How to Transfer Documents to and From Your Computer – Gizmodo

4. How to Watch Video on an iPad

Your Guide to Watching Videos on the iPad – Gizmodo

5. How to Read E-Books on an iPad

Your Guide to Reading on the iPad – Gizmodo

That’s it so far, we’ll add to this list as we get more resources…

Image Source: Gizmodo

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