Tablet PC UK Review – What Are The Best Tablets To Buy In The UK?


Tablet PC UK Review – 11 Of The Best Tablets Available Now

If you’re based in the UK and considering what tablet PC to buy then look no further than our definitive list of the best consumer tablets.

We’ve restricted the list to established mainstream manufacturers so we know they have a solid reputation. After that it all comes down to their design, how well they work, what features they offer, the range of compatible software and the value for money.


1. Motorola Xoom

Motorola Xoom Reviews

Pros: First Android 3.0 tablet and first to get updates to this operating system as they are now coming out, strong all-round hardware spec – fast processor, responsive touchscreen, strong gaming/HD video capabilities, long battery life.

Cons: Android 3.0 isn’t as slick as iOS operating system on an iPad, tablet specific apps are limited so you’re forced to run Android smartphone apps on a large screen.

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2. ASUS Eee Pad Transformer TF101

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Review

Pros: Sharp multi-touch screen with impressive viewing angles and vibrant colours, a decent processor, a range of ports, impressive battery life and Adobe Flash compatibility.

Cons: Android 3.0 lacks the polish of the iOS iPad operating system and it doesn’t have any USB ports unless you buy the keyboard dock.

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3. Dell Streak 7

Dell Streak 7 review

Pros: Strong processor, responsive 7-inch screen, speedy web surfing, HD video and Flash. It’s also one of the few tablets available now that give you access to the 4G data network – although you’ll need to wait until the 4G network becomes widely available in the UK.

Cons: Doesn’t currently run latest version of Android, low resolution display and poor battery life.

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4.Acer Iconia A500

Acer Iconia Review

Pros: Strong hardware specification with Android 3.0, and at a good price. Decent processor, good quality cameras, plenty of storage and a responsive multi-touch screen.

Cons: Only a Wi-Fi version available currently, Android Honeycomb 3.0 offers a good user interface but it lacks the finishing touches or slickness of the iPad operating system.

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5. Samsung Galaxy Tab


Pros: 7-inch format is more portable than 10-inch tablets and fits in a jacket pocket, direct access to Android Market range of apps, high quality screen gives strong colours and sharp images.

Cons: Smaller screen size so not as much screen to view web pages in. Doesn’t run latest operating system for Android. Battery life is on the poor side.

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6. Commtiva N700

Commtiva N700 Reviews

Pros: 7-inch tablet with a low price. Android Market range of apps available directly on the tablet, responsive touch-screen, offers WiFi and 3G for data and calls.

Cons: Runs Android 2.2 so not the latest version of Android and effectively a smartphone operating system. Design lacks style, weaker screen and processor not as strong as other tablets.

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7. Apple iPad 2

Apple iPad Review

Pros: Stylish design – very thin and light, speedy performance, responsive 9.7-inch multi-touch touch screen, the largest range of apps designed specifically for this tablet format, long battery life.

Cons: Apple restrict you to only load content they approve, no Adobe Flash compatibility, cameras aren’t the best quality.

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8. Apple iPad 1

Apple iPad Reviews

Pros: Stylish industrial design, responsive multi-touch screen with vivid colours and wide viewing angles, huge range of apps specifically designed for the iPad, intuitive user interface, long battery life.

Cons: Not as light as the iPad 2, processor not as quick as the iPad 2, no cameras, apps restricted to those available via Apple App Store, no Flash support.

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9. Archos 101

Archos_101_Android_Tablet Reviews

Pros: Lower cost whilst decent performance, 10-inch screen is responsive and web browsing speedy. Decent video performance and battery life for the price.

Cons: Runs an older version of Android, plasticy build and weaker screen than other tablets. No direct access to Android Market from Archos 101 so you have to manually install apps or use the limited selection available from the Archos AppsLib. No tablet-specific apps as doesn’t run latest version of Android.

Check out the Archos 101 Specification and Archos 101 Review


10. Advent Vega

Advent Vega Reviews

Pros: Cheap 10-inch tablet option with similar specs to Archos 101, decent media and web surfing experience, responsive touchscreen. Good enough processor to run the operating system and decent range of ports.

Cons: Latest version of Android is not available on the Advent Vega. No direct access to Android Market range of apps so you need to manually load these on. Screen image not as strong as other tablets.

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11. ASUS Eee Slate EP121

ASUS Eee Slate EP121 Windows 7 Tablet Review

Pros: Processor capable of delivering a premium windows performance, large responsive multi-touch screen, a full Windows 7 operating system, lots of ports and storage options, full Flash compatibility.

Cons: More expensive that other mainstream consumer tablets. Windows 7 translates poorly to a tablet from a desktop – fiddly menus and buttons aren’t designed for a touch input. It’s also large and has a short battery life.

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Other tablet PCs that didn’t make the top 11 list:

We’ve reviewed a number of other table PCs available to buy in the UK that haven’t made the top 10 list but may still meet your specific requirements. Check out the Creative ZiiO Tab Review, ViewSonic ViewPad 10 Review and bModo12G reviews.

Finally, to get a complete wrap-up of all the specifications head over to the Tablet Comparison Table.


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