Tablet PC Comparison Nirvana: The Ultimate Top 10 Tablet PCs Available To Buy In 2011


Tablet PC Comparison – Top 10 Mainstream Tablet PCs Available To Buy Now

What are the top 10 tablet PCs available to buy now? Here’s our list of the best slate PCs that are worth considering.

All tablet PCs have been selected from reputable manufacturers for their hardware features, operating system usability, range of compatible apps/accessories and value for money.

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1. Apple iPad 2

Apple iPad 2 Tablet PC Comparison

The iPad 2 will be best known for it’s super-sleek style, fast performance, impressive and responsive 9.7-inch touch screen, excellent usability and large range of apps in the Apple App Store specifically designed for this format. It’s not the highest spec of all tablets but Apple have focussed on the important stuff such as a powerful processor, responsive and colour-rich screen and the gaming capabilities. You’re forced into Apple’s eco-system so there are limits to the apps you can load but there’s so much choice that the experience beats away other tablets to make it the best.

Full iPad 2 Specification and iPad 2 Review

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2. Apple iPad 1

Apple iPad 1 Tablet PC Comparison

Despite launching in early 2010, the original iPad still provides one of the best tablet PC experiences. It’s bulkier than the iPad 2, the processor isn’t as nippy and it doesn’t have the cameras but it’s still a very user friendly and slick device that gives you access to the large range of apps in the App Store. The original iPad runs the same operating system as the 2nd generation iPad so is capable of similar things. The 9.7-inch screen is responsive, bright and doesn’t loose contrast when viewed from extreme angles. It offers the longest battery life of any slate at 10 hours and there’s a lot of reasons why it was the best selling tablet of 2010.

Full iPad 1 Specification and iPad 1 Review

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3. Motorola Xoom

Motorola Xoom Tablet PC Comparison

The new entrant to the market brings Android 3.0 – the first version of the Android operating system built for tablets. Add to this the best hardware spec available on the market and you’ve got a pretty special device. Key differentiating points are a super-fast processor, responsive high-resolution touchscreen, excellent gaming, HD video and web browsing capabilities, the best tablet cameras and a iPad comparable battery life. The best premium Android experience available now.

Full Motorola Xoom Specification and Motorola Xoom Review

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4. Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet PC Comparison

The Galaxy Tab was the first real challenger to the iPad and differs from the previous tablets as it’s a 7-inch format as opposed to closer to 10-inches (measured diagonally). The trade off is a loss of screen size but the big win is the greater portability. The Galaxy Tab runs Android 2.2, has a fantastically vivid and high-resolution screen, fast processor for dealing with apps and games, and also has direct access to the Android Market range of apps. It’s the best premium 7-inch tablet available currently.

Full Samsung Galaxy Tab Specification and Samsung Galaxy Tab Review

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5. Archos 101

Archos 101 Tablet PC Comparison

The Archos 101 Internet Tablet is a budget tablet that delivers a compelling option at a low price. Whilst you’re going to need to try an unorthodox method to get the Android apps on it, it runs Android 2.2 (the same as the Galaxy Tab), performs speedily and offers versatility due to the large range of ports. It’s 10-inch screen is responsive and it’s web capabilities are impressive. All this makes it the best low priced 10-inch Android tablet available.

Full Archos 101 Specification and Archos 101 Review

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6. Advent Vega

Advent Vega Tablet PC Comparison

Hot on the heals of the Archos 101 is the Advent Vega, another great cheap 10-inch tablet option with similar specs. Again it works well for surfing the web and media playback. Android 2.2 is the operating system and it does a good job on these lower priced slates. If you want the best access to apps you’ll need to manually install them on the Advent Vega but it does transform this tablet. The Archos 101 narrowly pips the Advent Vega as it’s easier to access Android apps from Archos’ own AppsLib.

Full Advent Vega Specification and Advent Vega Review

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7. Creative ZiiO

Creative Ziio 10 Tablet PC Comparison

The Creative ZiiO is targeted at music lovers with an enhanced audio function to link to external speakers and strong video playback to output high definition video to a TV. Again this a relatively inexpensive Android slate but the Android Market is not available directly on the device. The Creative ZiiO can handle web surfing and a limited range of apps but the screen (available in 7- or 10-inch formats) is not as responsive as other tablets. The Creative ZiiO’s low price makes this an option if you want a tablet as a media player.

Full Creative ZiiO Specification and Creative ZiiO Tab Review

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8. ViewSonic ViewPad 10

Viewsonic ViewPad 10 Tablet PC Comparison

ViewSonic ViewPad 10 can run Android 1.6 or Windows 7, this means it has the quick Android boot option if you just want to surf the Web quickly or the Windows 7 boot option to act as an extension to your desktop. It has a decent quality screen and powerful processor to cope with more complex Windows apps. Unfortunately it runs an old version of Android so that limits the Android apps that will run on the device. If you consider it as a Windows tablet with the added bonus of Android then it becomes more compelling – but there are compromises.

Full ViewSonic ViewPad 10 Specification and ViewSonic ViewPad 10 Review

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9. Commtiva N700

Commtiva N700 Tablet PC Comparison

The Commtiva N700 is a 7-inch tablet with a low price. It runs Android 2.2 with the official Android Market range of apps available directly on the tablet. The responsive screen means it can handle these apps and it does a good job for web surfing. It offers WiFi and 3G for your data and calls, and Bluetooth so you can get a headset and use it for voice calls. There are trade offs to get to this price but it’s the best low cost 7-inch tablet out there currently.

Full Commtiva N700 Specification and Commtiva N700 Review

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10. HP Slate 500

HP Slate 500 Tablet PC Comparison

The HP Slate is the only Microsoft Windows exclusive tablet in the top 10, that’s because current versions of Windows aren’t optimised for tablet formats as so are fiddly to use. The HP Slate overcomes these issues using a digitiser pen and handwriting recognition. This 8.9-inch enterprise tablet has a vey high-powered processor with lots of storage which ensures Windows runs smoothly and the user experience is good. The HP Slate has a high-end hardware spec with plenty of ports and camera options which naturally mean a premium price too. But, with a full operating system, it’s versatile, has millions of apps and full Adobe Flash compatibility. The price may be high but if you add a keyboard, the HP Slate is a true alternative to a laptop.

Full HP Slate 500 Specification and HP Slate 500 Review

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Tablet PCs Coming Soon In 2011

Watch this space for news of the next wave of slate PCs such as the BlackBerry PlayBook, HP TouchPad, Galaxy Tab 10.1, HTC Flyer and Acer Iconia - all of these could well enter in the top 10 soon.


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